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DISCOVERY AND UNDERSTANDING. The thinking out there is,that for one to become the Grand master,one need to first become a Master.From a very big family,in the English speaking provinces of Cameroon,a country in the central part of Africa,in the days of cassette tapes and records,the experienced Muki Munah was born and raise.This exceptional international talent,arrive in the U.S.A not out of the blue,but with several years of experience,benefited from running his own small flower business.With his business Muki serve his community and others,with respect and trust.With the fantasy of a fantastic future,Muki know he have to maintain a steady hand,and a strong shoulder.One thing Muki learn in business,is that money don't lie.He recognize that when he was growing and selling flowers,the more flowers he planted,the more money he made.So he decided to apply the same concept to music.His overall goal was to create a whole bunch of music,with great energy couple with sincere emotions.For that is how he was going to grows with his fan base.Once in the U.S.A Muki's plate was full,as he maneuver his new environment,with out any specific blue print,he focus on rewriting his script.What Muki was going trough,is like kind of,the definition of reinventing of oneself.When Muki made the hard choice of music making,becoming his new profession,the was barely any body to get involve with.So he turn to the telephone book.He found and call a number for a keyboard appointment was made,and on the day of the appointment,they both went to the music store,and Muki bought for himself a new keyboard,as advice by the instructor.After two keyboard practice lesson,in a sarcastic sense of humor,Muki told his instructor that the reason why he want to play the keyboard,is because he want to release an album.The instructor reply that he know a lot of good keyboard players,who are unable to release an album ever.After that day,Muki never return for any more keyboard lesson.Muki did not let his prospects of becoming a musician dwindle.He found and call another number from the telephone book.This time it was the telephone number for a recording studio.His excitement was dampen,after recording three song with the studio,and found out that it was not what exactly he was looking for.After spending a lot of money and nothing to show for it,and not really quite ready as to the part to quit.What he was not going to do,is to get himself further tangle in the massive web,that have been lay out there.All Muki want to do,is to write music that people can fall in love with.Now Muki can laugh at this things,but back then it was not a laughing matter.One night in Ybor City,Tampa FL.,What interested Muki in music making,in the first place,was permanently set into motion.On the roof top of the famous Prana night club in Ybor City Tampa,Muki Munah was among the audience,being entertain by a live reggae band.During band recess,Muki approach one of the band member with congratulatory remarks,and express his interest in the music making business.At the end of the night,Muki assist the band with caring their music gears down stairs to the van.Mr Gerner is the lead singer of the band,and it was with him that Muki exchange telephone number.Mr Gerner is a master of music making.Today Muki still work with mr Gerner.Muki Munah is an artist,that is not motivated by the bottom line.Muki is interested in putting together a brilliant music concept,with really clever psychology,that can enable us to produce more value for the people.Muki understand fully well that people need music,in every sectors of every society.Muki Munah have release 4,albums, 3,EP'S and about 10,single .Muki Munah is continuing the building,of his career as an independent artist,by establishing a position were people can get music on demand.Even if he is not making any money yet,as an independent artist,the time that he can get money he can keep.Muki is aware that everything have a price.He say he love the way thins are turning out,as far as making music making is concern in Tampa fl.Muki's commitment to music is very deep.Muki have gone trough a lot for music,even to the point,of recording in the studio while sick,just to catch up with his own set dart line. With the help of God,he will continue to propagate for the music consumer.#mampeople DISCOVERY AND UNDERSTANDING


MUKI MUNAH MUKI MUNAH is an experienced singer based in Tampa, Florida. His goal is to make music that people can fall in love with, and lately he has been doing just that. After releasing four albums, EP's and singles, Muki is still going non-stop. Check out his latest of many hits, "For The Princess." For a limited time offer for, DISTRIBUTION purposes, you can buy one CD for yourself and get one for 50%off for a friend.Contact us using the contact form,for wholesale pricing.

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